sepahvanz: Thank you for your beautiful blog. It is a constant reminder of who & what I am today. I am a full blooded Iranian-American and have been fortunate enough to visit Iran numerous times since the age of 3. You could say Iran is my home away from home & this blog only reminds me of its continual beauty.

Thank /you/ for your wonderful words.

I fully sympathize with you because even though you were born/raised in such a different culture, your roots and heritage will always be a part of you.

It’s nearly impossible to separate yourself from it (if you want to, that is) so you learn to intertwine two (or even more!) different cultures together to make sense of who you are.

I am super glad you enjoy this blog!

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A short list of some of the Iranians who are involved in tech industry in the United States

1 : Anoushe Ansari, The first Iranian in Space and the first self-founded women to travel to space. co-founder and chairwoman of Prodea Systems

2 : Sogol Malekzadeh, One of the designers of Windows Phone digital assisitant, Cortana

3 : Parisa Tabriz, Security expert for Google

4 : Salar Kamangar, Senior execative at Google and Former CEO of Youtube 

5 : Pierre Omidyar, Founder and chairman of Ebay 

6 : Arash Ferdowsi, Co-founder of Dropbox

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Shirt: #CalvinKlein
Trousers: #BCBGeneration
Scarf: #Codello
Manteau: #AinazGharavi
Watch: #MichaelKors
Bracelets: #MichaelKors
Shoes: #SteveMadden by #ChiaraFerragni

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Esfahan | Iran

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